dear fridayDear Friday,

It’s been one of those weeks.

One of those weeks that leaves me hoping I can just curl up and binge read this weekend. Or write to my heart’s content. Or both.

Ok, that’s every week. But the feeling is stronger today.

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve missed escaping reality to live with other characters. Characters who usually have bigger problems than I do (especially with my current read: Salt to the Sea by Rupta Sepetys). Characters who usually have something to teach me. Characters from a different time, a different place, a different way of life.

I’m aching for their company.

As for writing, it would be nice if I could figure out where my own story is taking me. It all seems to be an interconnected mess, like a bowl of linguine.

Don’t let me down, Friday. You are either the beginning to a couple extraordinary days, or the means to an end before beginning the week again.

Only you can decide.


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