paperback writer

I have a confession: I’m in a stalemate with my current project. Every time I sit down to write, I can’t seem to get into the groove.

My characters sound like they’re verbally constipated.

My descriptions have lost their senses.

My attitude is leaning toward obligation rather than passion.

Sometimes, writing is this way. We can’t get around it. There are times when we stare at our project and want to walk away and just start something new in order to avoid this feeling all together.

(Which I would never do… or maybe I’ve already done just that? Temporarily, of course.)

But if we never finish the project, we will never continue down the road of “success” as authors. And that road is paved differently for everyone.

Have you ever heard the song “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles? I’m pretty terrible with my music knowledge, but my dad used to play it for me nonstop because he was certain it was my future.

At least, to be a writer.

I don’t think he meant that I was going to be begging to sell my soul with the rights to my book to make a million overnight. Which isn’t entirely the point of my song, but you catch my drift.

The point is, sometimes you have to accept the mood you’re in and find a way to push through. It’s hardest to take my own advice, but if I don’t I’m going to end up like the song– just wishing and thinking I’ll add more in a week or two, never reaching the end of the manuscript and wasting my dreams away.

Yikes. That sounded like a TERRIBLE rain cloud.

This is why I’m blogging right now instead of writing. Because I have no idea where my characters are. I know the story, but man…my poor MC is going through hell and I just don’t think I’m doing her justice.

Now I’m word vomiting while my characters sound stuck.

I think I’ll stop here and leave you wondering….


Maybe not.


I started a new project, plotted another, and now I’m back to working on the WIP. Sometimes, you have to empty your mind of what you see as distractions in order to get back to where you are really needed.

The life of the writer. Sometimes, it sounds more like a psychiatrist (er, or psychopath?) than anything else.



6 thoughts on “paperback writer

  1. williambean2014 says:

    I have thrown away three novels. I had good characters and damn good description. The story never really gelled and the plot was forced. Dialog was good in spots and no so good in spots. Sometimes the best of intentions must die. The story makes the characters and it makes the description and it makes the dialog. I can only suggest that something is wrong with your story. I hopes this helps.


  2. smnystoriak says:

    When this happens to me, and it happens more than I would like, I call it “giving my book baby a time out”. I blogged about it one, too! Sometimes you just gotta do it, like parenting! We both need to take a break sometimes. When I get back that novel after the time out, I have much more focus with it. Thanks for the great post!


  3. shaunkellett says:

    It can really be a problem when you hit a writing block… I have to step away, reevaluate, but at the same time you could risk losing your motivation entirely… 1 Day could turn into 1 Week, which could turn into 1 Month… My new habbit is, when I find myself at an impasse, I’ll skip that bit of the story and write something else… Just so I keep writing and just so the story keeps going. You can always come back to a bit you skipped and do it justice later on.

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    • Emily Herring Dunn says:

      I absolutely agree! With my previous book I had to write the climax just to get it out of my brain, and then working on everything else came so much easier. Granted, the climax ended up changing so much, but it works to get it out of my system so I could get the book done!

      Liked by 1 person

      • shaunkellett says:

        Funny how the brain works like that! I find I’m the same, my brain will hook onto one bit of the story, even if it’s right at the end of the novel, and won’t let go til it’s on paper… Makes writing the slower scenes a bit harder! Haha

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